Mrs Sarit Aloni is currently teaching singing at the her private studio in Farnham GU10 and Wimbledon/New Malden (UK). 

Piano Lessons:

  • From complete beginner to advanced/professional - preparation to the ABRMS exams, auditions, concerts
  • Optional: how to accompany songs? how to read and play from chords on the piano? how to accompany well a singer or an instrument?
  • Lessons are offered to adults and children over 7 years old.

*Sarit's last solo live performance was at the Sacred Poetry - Bradford Literature Festival in 2019.

"The evening was framed with songs performed by the Israeli Sardinian English choral conductor, Sarit Aloni. Her songs were deep rooted and universal, linking ancient cultures and modern interpretations, a lone voice on stage with a piano who brought the whole room together. One of my students, a Yemeni poet, called her “an angel opera voice.” Link here

Singing Lessons:

  • Lessons focus on breathing control and support, posture, musical expression, projection, presence on stage, diction, tuning, and music theory.
  •  Vocal Lessons with Mrs Aloni suit perfectly choral singers, soloists, song-writers, actors, amateur singers or professionals.
  •  Lessons are offered to adults and children over 7 years old.

Composition lessons:

  • Gcse in composition/A level
  • Covering harmony, melody, structure, notation, different styles*

Sarit's original composition Sim Shalom was performed live in the BBC Radio 4 by the St Martin-in-the-Fields professional vocal ensemble in 2019.

Conducting lessons:

  • Foundation - how to use hand gestures and body language to lead a group (choir or instrumental ensemble)
  • Conducting techniques

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Kellen Loewen, a song writer from Vancouver, BC, Canada, in a lesson.

Previous teaching:

  • Private studio, UK,  2015 - present: Last teaching success: I am very proud to share that recently two of my piano lessons were awarded with "distinction" in their ABRMS piano exams (grade 6). Very proud of my student, Toby, receiving first place among his peers in his school for his GCSE in composition coursework (2021).
  • Private studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada September 2012 - June 2015
  • Quartu S. Elena Public School of Music, Sardinia, Italy,  – 
  • Assemini Public school of Music, Sardinia, Italy,  – 
  • Qiryat Tivon Conservatory, Israel, 2007-2009
  • The Yokneam Conservatory of Music, Israel, 2007-2009
  • The Afula Conservatory of Music, Israel, 2008-2009
  • Private studio, Qiryat Tivon, Israel, 2006 - 2009
  • Private studio, Rome, Perugia, Italy, 2003 - 2006
  • Private studio, Tel - Aviv, Israel, 2000 - 2003

Ziv Katz, classic guitar, Sarit Aloni, soprano, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, Israel, 2009